Our Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At LockeyTech we highly appreciate your business. Our Privacy Policy is based on principles of respect for our customers’ privacy. We aim to protect your information and use it to only be able to provide the products and services.

The philosophy of our company is based on these fundamental principles:

We shall not ask for your personal information unless it is critical for processing your requests (e.g. selling you our products or services).

We do not store your personal information in our database unless you decide to establish long-term business relationship with LockeyTech.

We shall not share your personal information except the cases when it is required to be disclosed by law.

Visiting our website does not require registration. Like most websites, LockeyTech collects basic personally-identifying information to complete the act of sale. To this type of information relate:

  • User Name
  • Name
  • Address
  • E-mail
  • Payment Information

By providing the above information you agree to our terms and policies regarding processing your data. In case you disagree/refuse to identify yourself, we will not be able to complete your request for products and services by LockeyTech.

Additional common cases of how and when we use the information of our customers may be described as following: assisting with technical issues, sending newsletters with updates, monitoring accounts for identifying potential fraud and ensure security for the customers’ information.


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